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The Hand That Feeds

Stepping inside the small, non-descript house she kept just at the outermost reaches of Artrix, Tryst felt a sense of homecoming which did not altogether please her.

She didn’t want to think of Phostus as her home. Phostus brought out the worst in her, and she had never planned to settle there.

Things hadn’t turned out the way she thought they would.

The Fine Print

“My business is to serve as a trustworthy intermediary between people who wish to strike bargains, and the demons they wish to strike those bargains with,” Tryst said. The devilkin extended her arms out to both sides, and gave a deep curtsey. “Think of me as a broker for souls, if you will.”

The Councilor tilted her head back slightly, so that she stared down her nose at the bowing broker. “What makes you think I would require such a service?” she asked.

“Anyone who makes a deal with a demon can benefit from skilled representation,” Tryst said.