All in Gale

Four Points

Elise LaRoux spent her days aboard the Mourning Reign the same way she spent most of her days: In a dark room, alone.

Over the years, the rooms had changed. Growing up in the chateau, Elise had had a wonderful bedchamber at the top of the grand staircase, with a canopy bed, and shelves of books which stretched so high she needed a ladder to reach them. But, even in that room which she had thought of as her sanctuary, the windows had been forever covered with dark, velvet curtains – sewn shut, lest she try to open them – and even the lamps had shades so thick that they barely cast enough light to read by, so that Elise would have to hold her books just inches from her nose, and, even then, she squinted to read them.

Her room at the chateau had been her sanctuary. But it had also been her prison.

Here, There Be Monsters

As Gale’s ship had come up upon the wrecked galleon, her captain and first mate had been discussing whether they could launch boats to pick up survivors, or whether any boats they sent on that task would wind up as crippled and doomed as the Mermaid’s Kiss herself.

That was when Gale had cleared her throat, and called out for her captain.

“I can save her,” she’d said.