Illustration by Rebecca Barnes -

Illustration by Rebecca Barnes -

Jackie DeCoeur's Storyline

These stories form Jackie's main character arc.

1. Love and Theft

Revenge is in the cards when paths collide on a fateful evening in a Wasteland prospecting town.

2. Red Eyes

At long last, Jackie DeCoeur and a powerful enemy come face-to-(blindfolded)-face.

3. Stare Down the Basilisk

Jackie DeCoeur has a plan for one last heist that will make her gang rich beyond their wildest dreams, and change the face of the Waste forever... if she can make it out alive.

4. Foxtrot

Dyan's life at Madame Roxy's bordello wasn't grand, but he made a decent (or indecent) living... until a red-eyed bandit turned his life upside down.

5. A Moral Compass

A Magic: Expanded Multiverse story by RuwinReborn.

Jackie DeCoeur may be the new Queen of the Rails, but being legit is much harder than being infamous, especially when a ghost story from Jakkard's past returns.

6. The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Jackie and new new demonic associates have a difference of opinion about souls, but an attempted robbery cuts their debate short.

7. Blood on the Tracks

Jackie DeCoeur knows how to take care of herself. But when an unseen enemy starts attacking her friends and lovers to get at her, the red-eyed woman is pushed to the edge.

8. Rest for the Wicked

Jackie DeCoeur and Fisco Vane find themselves on a collision course, with not just Jackie's life at stake, but the very future of Jakkard. Will the Red-Eyed Woman become just another ghost story?

E-Book: A Red-Eyed Reader

A Magic: Expanded Multiverse mini-anthology by OrcishLibrarian. Cover illustration by Lindsey Look. Interior illustrations by Barinellos & KeeperofManyNames. Edited by Lord LunaEquie is me.

Download the first four Jackie DeCoeur stories ("Love and Theft," "Red Eyes," "Stare Down the Basilisk," and "Foxtrot") in ePub format.

Other Jackie Stories

These stories are not part of Jackie's main arc, but provide additional glimpses into her past and present.


A collection of six microfics about Jackie DeCoeur, her friends, and her enemies, from Jakkard past and present.

The Snitch

Years ago, at The Sisterhood of Angelic Mercy's Home for Destitute Children, a young girl reclaims a treasured item.

3:15 to Dayko

Jackie and her crew stage a raid on a prisoner transport train. What they find is something no one could have expected.

The Dance

After so many years spent pushing each other apart, Jackie and Trotter ponder just what can keep them together.

Mistakes of the Past

Jackie DeCoeur thought she had left her old life behind. But, when a specter from her past resurfaces, she'll have to settle one last piece of unfinished business, or risk losing everything.

New Morning

Running a ranch is harder than robbing banks, especially when the kids start to fight, or an old "friend" reappears.