Illustration by Rebecca Barnes -

Illustration by Rebecca Barnes -

Gale's Storyline

These stories form Gale's main character arc.

1. The Wind and the Waves

Gale, a plane-wrecked sailor, recounts the love that led her to a life at sea, and the moment which ripped her away from it.

2. Here, There Be Monsters

Stranded on a plane with no seas, Gale meets a stranger who can seemingly offer her what she desires most: a way home.

3. The Sailor and the Siren

Gale is beginning to fear she may never escape the oceanless plane of Wreth, when she meets a woman who seems to understand her lament.

4. Winds of Change

Gale hasn't quite made it home, but she has at last found her way to the sea. Can she win passage on a ship when no one knows her marks?

5. Beneath the Waves

Gale has finally found a home on a real sailing ship, but, when a strange woman captures the captain's eye, Gale can't shake the notion that a storm is brewing...

6. Four Points

A strange encounter aboard her new ship, the Mourning Reign, leaves Gale searching for answers.