Illustration by Rebecca Barnes -

Illustration by Rebecca Barnes -

Beryl's Storyline

These stories form Beryl's main character arc.

1. Small Magic

Long ago, Beryl committed a terrible crime, and her sister cast her out of her noble house. But now Astria Trevanei has found a use for her sister's talent with small magic.

2. A Bet on Kindness

It's been a long time since Beryl had anyone to trust. Now that she has crossed the planes, a chance encounter could change everything.

3. To Walk Across Fire

Beryl ventures across the Blind Eternities to a new world, where she meets someone else who knows a thing or two about fire.

4. Reclamation

Beryl returns home to seek a new understanding with her sister. Astria, meanwhile, has an agenda of her own.

5. Friends and Killers

When Beryl is in need of help, the Multiverse's greatest loan shark is willing to offer his services... for a price.

6. The Lies We Tell

Beryl tries to cut ties with Astria once and for all, only to discover that escaping from her sister's web of intrigue may not be so simple.

7. Complications

Beryl finds help in a most unlikely place, when she meets a planeswalking thief with an uncanny ability to predict the future.

8. Between Two Worlds

An old friend from Beryl's childhood reappears, and what he reveals to her about the past just might be the key to changing the future. 

9. A Name in a Book

Unfortunately, the artifacts Beryl needs to stop The Duchess are locked in the Trevanei vault. Fortunately, Alessa Rehn knows a thing or two about breaking and entering. 

10. The Fire

Beryl confronts Astria, as the future of their world hangs in the balance.

11. Climb Every Mountain

When Beryl appears on Aloise Hartley's doorstep, looking cold, haunted, and alone, Aloise wants to help. But will Beryl let her?

12. Paid in Full

A Magic: Expanded Multiverse story by RuwinReborn.

Aloise's kindness has brought Beryl some small measure of peace, but, when a mutual acquaintance reappears, everything could change.

Other Beryl Stories

These stories are not part of Beryl's main arc, but provide additional glimpses into her past and present.

The Disappearing Act

The planeswalking magician, Nasperge, discovers that his old friend, Moira Trevanei, may have a trick or two up her own sleeve.

The Lie

In an episode from Beryl's past, the scarred woman is reminded of how the rest of the world sees her.

The Wish

Aloise and Beryl share a moment of peace together as they watch the sky. But Aloise observes something deeper.

The War

On a distant plane, the human cost of war is laid bare.

The Grave

In a moment of loss, Beryl attempts to pick up the pieces.